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  • Latest News

    • August 23
      The truth is the truth no matter what the world might tell us. While there are lots of things the world is trying to sell us, we cannot be buyers of this worldly bill of goods.
    • August 12
      The message of the New Testament is about getting us to change so we’ll be ready for the Kingdom of God.
    • July 25
      Prayer is a conversation between Jesus and ourselves and if we are going to be good conversationalists then we need to listen to what Jesus is saying.
    • July 18
      Imagine a world where people want to be saints even though they know they are sinners. Imagine a world where the sacraments are practiced and truly believed in. This world would look vastly different than the world we see today.
    • July 13
      If we are honest with ourselves, we will come to the correct conclusion that we have NOT always loved everyone as we should. We can fix that though, and it’s pretty easy, too. 
    • July 5
      I feel blessed to be able to participate in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ with you.
    • June 28
      Everyday we see the evil of violence and I’m afraid that we are becoming numb to it.   We brush it off too easily and put the blame elsewhere instead of looking at the evil that lurks within men’s hearts.
    • June 20
      Pray every day in some manner, whether it is a rosary, a holy hour, spiritual reading or something else. Prayer is a must because it is through prayer that we build the relationship with Jesus.