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    • October 18
      - Fr. Chip Hines
      Writing on the Feast of Saint Luke, my thoughts turn to the literary wonder that is the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. They are important because they are Scripture, the inspired Word of God, but they are also beautifully written and should be read by all serious students of literature and scripture.
    • October 17
      Mass & Healing Services will be held at Blessed Sacrament Church on October 26 (2pm), November 23 (1:30-5pm) and December 28 (2pm) with Fr. Joseph McDermott.
    • October 17
      Our monthly collection of tuna, peas, noodles and desserts for the guests of the Pine Street Inn will be on Friday, October 24th from 5-6pm in the Parish Center (far door, parking lot side).
    • October 16
      Next weekend is Commitment Weekend
    • October 15
      St. Mary Bible Study classes will begin on Wednesday, October 15 at 6:30pm in the Parish Center. The class is open to adults 18 years or older. For more information, contact Virginia McLaughlin at 508-660-1326.
    • October 11
      - Fr. Chip Hines
      It’s the Columbus Day weekend as I write this and naturally my thoughts have turned to Christmas. Not really naturally, but they have because as I looked ahead to December, I saw the sheer number of Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day staring me in the face.
    • October 10
      Five stories you need to know about today: Leftover people; feeding the hungry through loyalty cards; new American blessed; Bishop Boles; and the joy of NFP
    • October 9
      Teens gather to learn about and discuss some of the important issues of our day.
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