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  • Latest News

    • February 10
      All parishioners are invited to the first planning meeting for the 2016 St. Mary Parish Fair on Feb. 24, 7pm.
    • February 10
      - Tracy Earl Welliver, "Connect!" from LPi
      On this Ash Wednesday, Tracy Earl Welliver reminds us that our "stuff" doesn't last, but Jesus Christ is forever.
    • February 7
      All afternoon and evening faith formation classes at St. Mary's on Monday, Feb. 8 are cancelled due to the snow forecast.
    • February 5
      Parish offices are closed on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, due to the snow. If you have an emergency, please call the main number 508-668-4974. *First Reconciliation on Friday afternoon has been cancelled.*
    • February 2
      Many thanks to Tom Whearty from our facilities staff for arranging and overseeing the installation of the railings for the landing at the front of the church.
    • February 2
      The Stations of the Cross and a Rosary will be prayed the Fridays of Lent 2016 at 7pm in St. Mary Church.
    • January 30
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      We’ve just finished putting away the Christmas decorations, but it’s already time to start talking about Ash Wednesday and Lent, if you can believe it. (Doesn’t it seem like Lent sneaks up on us every year?) Of course, what that means is we have to talk about schedules for Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and Easter as well as the various activities that will happen during Lent to help us prepare for that great feast day of the Resurrection.
    • January 29
      The next meeting of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Walpole will be at 7pm on Feb. 2 at Blessed Sacrament School (East Street entrance). The need has never been greater. Will you answer the call?