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    • May 23
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Fr. Chip encourages us to reflect on Confirmation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive.
    • May 19
      In their weekly radio program that airs on Mondays at 5pm on WQOM 1060AM, Fr. Chip Hines and Dom Bettinelli this week discussed the topic of faith formation and religious education in Catholic parishes, and specifically what should the future look like given current trends.
    • May 16
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Fr. Chip reflects on the very simple prescription for Christianity: Love one another. It's living it out that can be the challenge.
    • May 9
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Fr. Chip encourages us to be full of the joy of Christ and to let the whole world see what that joy does for us.
    • May 5
      In this week's episode of Calling All Catholics, their radio program on WQOM 1060AM, Fr. Chip and Dom play the all-new game show "Did Pope Francis Really Say That?".
    • May 3
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      The fleeting nature of life should move us to be changed by the places we go and the people we meet every day, writes Fr. Chip
    • April 29
      We ask you to join in prayer for the people of Nepal and those bringing them assistance and to join us as you are able in making a donation of any amount toward those relief efforts.
    • April 25
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Good Shepherd Sunday is a good reminder that pastoral leadership is primarily about relationships and caring, not just administration and management.
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    STM - St. Mary
    BSP - Blessed Sacrament Parish
    BSS - Blessed Sacrament School
    OLOS - Our Lady of Sorrows